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DHL Danzas Air & Ocean

Address: 1 Slater Dr., NJ 07206
Website: http://www.us.danzas.com
DHL Danzas Air & Ocean

DHL Global Forwarding combines air, ocean, ground transportation and customs brokerage services with dedicated warehousing and distribution centers. LOGISĀ®, DHL Global Forwarding's award winning Logistics Information System, completes the infrastructure to deliver first class global logistics services with complementary information.

DHL Global Forwarding manages the flow of goods and information across a customer's global supply chain, connecting suppliers, carriers, customs brokers and end-users through a seamless supply of distribution services. DHL Global Forwarding reinforces its services through the application of ISO 9001:2000 standards.

DHL Global Forwarding is committed to provide the highest level of security throughout its supply chain. As an official partner in the C-TPAT program in the United States and the PIP Program in Canada, DHL Global Forwarding is actively collaborating with government agencies to meet today's cargo security requirements while continuing to facilitate the free flow of trade.

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