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Avis Budget Group, LLC

Address: 6 Sylvan Way, NJ 07054
Phone: (800) 842-5628
Website: http://www.avisbudgetgroup.com/
Avis Budget Group, LLC

Avis Budget Group operates two of the most recognized brands in the global vehicle rental industry through Avis and Budget. Avis is a leading rental car supplier to the premium commercial and leisure segments of the travel industry and Budget is a leading rental car supplier to the price-conscious segments of the industry. We believe we are the largest general-use vehicle rental operator in each of North America, Australia, New Zealand and certain other regions we serve, based on published airport statistics. Avis Budget Group maintains the leading share of airport car rental revenue and operates one of the leading consumer truck rental businesses in the United States.

Our car rental operations generate significant benefits from operating two distinct brands that target different industry segments but share the same fleet, maintenance facilities, systems, technology and administrative infrastructure. We believe that Avis and Budget both enjoy complementary demand patterns with weekday commercial demand balanced by weekend leisure demand.

Our operations have an extended international reach that includes approximately 7,000 car and truck rental locations in the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Latin America, the Caribbean and parts of Asia. On average, our rental fleet totaled more than 424,000 vehicles, and we completed more than 27 million vehicle rental transactions worldwide in 2008.

For the year ended December 31, 2008, our vehicle rental operations generated revenues of approximately $6.0 billion. The Avis, Budget and Budget Truck brands accounted for approximately 62%, 32% and 6% of our vehicle rental revenue, respectively, in 2008. Domestically, in 2008 we derived approximately 80% of our nearly $4.7 billion in car rental revenue from on-airport locations and approximately 20% of our domestic car rental revenue from off-airport locations, which we refer to as our local business.

We rent our fleet of approximately 29,700 Budget trucks through a network of approximately 2,500 dealer-operated, 300 company-operated and 75 franchisee-operated locations throughout the continental United States. We also license the use of the Avis and Budget trademarks to multiple licensees in areas in which we do not operate. The Avis and/or Budget vehicle rental systems in Europe, Africa, the Middle East and parts of Asia are operated at approximately 3,800 locations by subsidiaries and sub-licensees of an independent third party primarily under royalty-free trademark license agreements.

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