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International Trade Exhibitions in France, Inc./Promosalons USA

Address: 1611 N. Kent St., Ste. 903 Arlington, VA 22209
Phone: (703) 522-5000
Website: http://www.promosalons.com
International Trade Exhibitions in France, Inc./Promosalons USA

Since its foundation 40 years ago, Promosalons has steadily evolved into a global network, offering a constantly expanding range of services.

The Promosalons association was established in 1967, on the initiative of:

- the Paris chamber of commerce and industry (CCIP)

- the French centre for international commerce (CFCE)

- the French federation of specialised trade shows (FFSS, now the FSCF).

Its remit was to pool the resources and know-how of the trade exhibition sector to promote French trade shows in the international arena. Founder members included the Paris Air Show, Batimat, Sial and Sima. The first offices were opened in Germany, Spain, Great Britain, Italy, Sweden and the United States.

The exhibition offerings at this stage were mainly French, and Promosalons’ role was to introduce international buyers to French companies. Its offices sent out promotional literature and invitations, and handled local press relations.

The 1980s saw major changes in the exhibition sector and Promosalons’ role expanded accordingly. A number of shows amalgamated within big French and international groups. Against a backdrop of globalisation and increasingly tough competition, organisers became aware of the need to attract international exhibitors, and Promosalons became actively involved in marketing its clients’ shows.

Today, the Promosalons network covers more than 120 countries
on 5 continents, and represents some 70 shows.

Promosalons continues to diversify its activities and is now promoting major international trade fairs and exhibition centres.

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